Episode 21:20 – The Doctor of the Future

On this episode of the Get Healthy Alabama podcast we (Dr. George Burroughs and BetyLou Pierce) discuss how the Doctor of the Future is going to practice in a much different manner than the doctors of today.

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Episode 21:20 - The Doctor of the Future

Suppose you go to a doctor, seeking relief from some symptoms or disease that you’ve been battling.

The doctor asks you questions… runs some tests… and then writes you a prescription for some pharmaceutical drugs.

Sound familiar?

It should because that’s exactly what happens in thousands of doctors offices throughout the country every single day.

And, for many people, that’s precisely what they want.

But not everyone.

You see, there are thousands, even millions, of individuals who no longer want their problems treated with pharmaceutical drugs.

Instead, they want something that doesn’t carry with it negative side effects. Something more natural like an herb or vitamins.

These individuals, and the doctors who cater to them, are a part of the FUTURE of medicine.

A future that places much more emphasis on natural treatments.

However, treating conditions naturally, instead of through pharmaceutical drugs, is only part of the future of healthcare… only a part of what the doctor of the future will offer.

In the future, doctors will also focus on identifying and correcting the CAUSE of health problems.

Needless to say, not all doctors in the future will be this way.

Some will choose to stay “stuck” in the traditional model that is commonly practiced today… and that’s okay.

This episode is for those doctors and patients who will embrace the new model of health care.

A “holistic” model that doesn’t look at symptoms as “entities that need to be treated” but as “signals that need to be paid attention to.”

Give this episode a good listen.

You'll not only learn about the future of healthcare... you'll gain insight into one of the most common CAUSES of health problems.

A cause that most doctors miss… but the doctor of the future won’t 🙂


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