Episode 21:25 – How Anedra Brown Lost 99 pounds: Diet, Exercise… and Dealing with Emotional Trauma

On this episode of the Get Healthy Alabama podcast we (Dr. George Burroughs and BetyLou Pierce) bring back Anedra Brown to discuss how a “roadblock” on her journey to better health helped her overcome a plateau in her weight loss efforts.

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Episode 21:25 - How Anedra Brown lost 99 pounds: Diet, Exercise… and Dealing with Emotional Trauma

Back at the beginning of this year (2021) we recorded an episode with Anedra Brown called “How To Lose 67 Pounds Without Even Trying.”

It was very well received.

Since that time, Anedra has continued to lose weight… still without trying.

To date, she has lost a total of 99 pounds.

Her secret?

She focuses solely on Getting Healthy!

That is, she does NOT try to lose weight. Instead, she focuses her efforts on Getting Healthy!

As a result, the healthier she gets, the more weight she loses.

This “program” has worked really well for her… until recently.

Seems like her health improvements, and weight loss, had stalled.

This puzzled Anedra as she knew she still had a long way to go on her health journey.

She also knew that she was doing everything right, such as:

Avoiding bad foods while eating healthy ones, taking whole-food supplements, exercising, and taking time each day to “SEE” herself healthy.

However, despite her best efforts, nothing seemed to help.

Her progress had come to a halt.

Then, one day, it hit her.

The weight she was at now was the same weight she was at in 2014.

Why is that significant?

Because in 2014 Anedra experienced an emotional trauma.

An emotional trauma that she responded to by putting on weight.

An emotional trauma that she had never fully dealt with.

An emotional trauma that wouldn’t let her continue on her path to better health.

Anedra realized all of this and decided to do something about it.

Specifically, she decided to DEAL with the emotional trauma she experienced seven years ago.

She did… and her body responded by dropping 9 pounds in two days!

Yes, nine pounds in two days... just by dealing with some unresolved emotional trauma.

Not only that, her health progress is no longer stalled.

And, she’s not done yet.

Learn more about Anedra and her story by giving this episode a good listen.

She talks about the emotional trauma and how she dealt with it.

Her story will teach you, inspire you… and give you some ideas on how to advance on your health journey.


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