Episode 21:27 – Words Of Wisdom From The Amazing BetyLou Pierce

On this episode of the Get Healthy Alabama podcast co-host BetyLou Pierce shares wisdom she has gained in her 42 years of being Alabama’s premiere nutritionist.

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Episode 21:27 - Words Of Wisdom From The Amazing BetyLou Pierce

With over forty years experience as a nutritionist, BetyLou Pierce is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to natural health and healing.

On this episode she shares some of that knowledge with us.

Specifically, she covers four topics:

1) How the body can heal itself.
2) Why being healthy doesn’t mean you never get sick.
3) The power of listening to your body.
4) Supplements: WHAT to take and WHEN.

What’s most impressive about BetyLou is that, although she has worked and/or owned a health food store for over forty years, she refuses to treat every health problem with a supplement.

That is, instead of suggesting a supplement or two (or three or four) to her customers as a treatment, she first tries to talk to them about their diet.

About what may be CAUSING their problem.

How many health food stores do that?


If she wanted to, BetyLou could suggest bottle after bottle of supplements to her customers.

And they’d buy them!

However, she doesn’t believe in the “a pill for every ill” mindset… even if it is a vitamin or herb.

Instead, she believes that the human body can heal itself IF it receives the nutrition it needs from your diet.

Of course, supplements help… but only as a "supplement" to the improvements you make to your diet.

Give this episode a good listen as BetyLou goes deep into these topics and provides practical steps you can take to help your body heal itself.

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