Episode 21:28 – Whether You Believe It Or Not… You ARE A Bodybuilder – An Interview With Lane Jones

On this episode of the Get Healthy Alabama podcast we (Dr. George Burroughs and BetyLou Pierce) sit down with health and fitness expert Lane Jones to discussion how ANYONE can build the body of their dreams.

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Episode 21:28 - Believe It Or Not, You ARE A Bodybuilder - An Interview With Lane Jones

You may not realize it, but you ARE a bodybuilder.

Perhaps not a “competitive” one, but you ARE, everyday, “building your body.”

The type of body you are building is based upon the type of decisions you make.

That is, you’re either “building” a healthy body… or an unhealthy one.

This fascinating truth is one of the driving forces behind Lane Jones’ work as a competitive bodybuilder AND as the owner of Lane’s Rock Solid Fitness in Citronelle, Alabama.

Since the time he was 12 and went to see “Rocky”, Lane has been committed to building his body and his health through physical activity.

In the years that followed, Lane maintained his passion for working out while also acquiring a desire to follow in his parents footsteps by becoming a school teacher… a job he has done for the past thirty years.

About ten years ago, Lane decided to combine these two passions by opening his own gym… the aforementioned Lane’s Rock Solid Fitness.

In his gym, Lane teaches people how to workout safely and strategically so that they can “Get Healthy” while creating the body of their dreams.

Like any good teacher, Lane knows the value of learning. To that end, he has invested his time and resources in educating himself the best he can regarding exercise and nutrition.

However, unlike so many “health coaches” and “personal trainers”, Lane didn’t get his information solely from some on-line courses.

Instead, he went to THE BEST… as in a few of the BEST bodybuilders of all-time: Eight time Mr. Olympia Lee Haney, the legendary Frank Zane, and former Mr. World Steve Davis.

Picking the brains of these brilliant men has enabled Lane to become a better bodybuilder (at age 53!) AND a better trainer for his gym members.

On this episode, Lane shares some of his vast knowledge with us… and he does so with an engaging style, along with a voice that sounds just like Matthew McConaughey, lol.

If you want to build a better body this episode is for you!


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Anthony Day - July 15, 2021

Your a young man now. Train knowing some day you will be an old man. Great


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