Episode 21:29 – Understanding Your Body’s TWO Immune Systems

On this episode of the Get Healthy Alabama podcast we (Dr. George Burroughs and BetyLou Pierce) give an overview of one of the most important systems of your body… the Immune System!

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Download the one page overview of your Body's TWO Immune Systems

Episode 21:29 - Understanding Your Body's TWO Immune Systems

It seems that EVERYONE has an opinion regarding the Covid vaccine.

That’s fine.

What’s troublesome is the lack of "reason" supporting their decision… whether “for” or “against” the vaccine.

For example, very, very few individuals can answer this one basic question:

“What effect does the vaccine have on the TWO Immune Systems of your body?”

Don’t feel bad if you can’t answer this question because, up to now, no one has taken the time to teach you the answer.

Not your doctor.

Not your nurse.

And certainly not any of the so-called “health experts” or government officials on TV.

Well, today that’s going to change.

On this week's episode of the Get Healthy Alabama podcast (available today!) we are going to PREPARE you to answer that question.

Yes, “prepare” you.
You see, before you can understand the effect a vaccine has on the TWO Immune Systems of your body, you first must know something about these TWO Immune Systems.

That's where this week's episode comes into play.

On this episode you’ll learn the primary role of each Immune System AND how they work together to keep you healthy and safe.

That will then "prepare" you to answer the question asked earlier:

“What effect does the vaccine have on the TWO Immune Systems of your body?”

This question, and its answer, will be the topic of next week’s episode.

For now, listen to this episode and share it with a friend.

It's really, really important that you "get" this.

In fact, this information is so important, that I included a short, five-minute video to go with it... a video you don't want to miss.

I also included a one-page chart you can print out that summarizes the functions of your TWO Immune Systems.

Check them out above and then share them with a friend.


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