Episode 21:35 – Here’s What’s Wrong With Your Vitamin C

On this episode of the Get Healthy Alabama podcast we (Dr. George Burroughs and BetyLou Pierce) look at the problem with synthetic vitamin supplements and the benefits of taking whole food ones.

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Episode 21:35 Here’s What’s Wrong With Your Vitamin C

There’s a problem with most nutritional supplements being sold today.

Especially those that are vitamins.

For example, vitamin C.

To sell a Vitamin C supplement, a manufacturer only has to include ONE component of “real” Vitamin C.

Just one component of the “complex” of nutrients that comprise Vitamin C in nature.

That one component is Ascorbic Acid.

Make Ascorbic Acid and you can sell it as Vitamin C.

Here’s the problem:

NOWHERE in nature does Ascorbic Acid exist by itself.

Not in any fruit… nor in any vegetable.

Instead, Ascorbic Acid is ALWAYS surrounded by “co-factors”… nutrients such as bioflavonoids, antioxidants and enzymes.

The COMBINATION of these nutrients is what makes Vitamin C effective… NOT simply Ascorbic Acid by itself.

Unfortunately, most supplement companies don’t care about that so they take the easy way out.

They hire a manufacturing plant (most likely in China) to synthetically produce Ascorbic Acid from petroleum and GMO corn.


Not to mention that this so-called Vitamin C is void of its vital co-factors.

And its effectiveness.

Listen to this episode and learn WHY your body doesn’t need what is currently being sold by most supplement companies:

1000mg, or more, of Vitamin C in the form of Ascorbic Acid.

A much better supplement would be one that provides a fraction of that amount of Ascorbic Acid... surrounded by its co-factors.


The ONLY way to do that - the only way to provide REAL Vitamin C as a “Complex” - is by making the supplement from “whole foods.”

The way companies like Standard Process do.

One more thing:

This principle of “Vitamin Complexes” being more effective than ONE isolated component applies to ALL vitamins and minerals.

That is, vitamin and mineral supplements are much more powerful when they are derived from WHOLE FOODS and not synthetically made in a lab.

Understanding this information will change the way you look at, and take, supplements forever.


PS - You can order direct from Standard Process here: Atlas.StandardProcess.com


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