Episode 21:8 – Questions, And Answers, About The Vaccine

On this episode of the Get Healthy Alabama podcast we (Dr. George Burroughs and BetyLou Pierce) go over 15 questions everyone should ask - and know the answer to - before deciding on whether or not to get the Covid-19 vaccine.

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Episode 21:8 - Questions, and Answers, About the Vaccine

There is so much about the Covid-19 vaccine that raises questions.

Perhaps the three most important ones are:

1) Is it safe?

2) Is it effective?

3) Does it prevent the virus from being transmitted (spread)?

On this episode we explore those questions… along with a dozen more.

Here they are:


 - There has never been an effective vaccine for ANY of the 6 previous Coronaviruses?

- It typically takes 5-10 years to develop a new vaccine… not 8 months?

- The Covid-19 vaccine has NOT been FDA approved?

- The Covid-19 vaccine contains technology that has NEVER been approved for use in humans?

- 33% of Covid-19 deaths have been in individuals over the age of 85?

- NOT one person over the age of 85 was included in the Pfizer vaccine trials?

- NOT one woman under the age of 40 was allowed in the Pfizer vaccine trials unless she was on birth control?

- Vaccine manufacturers CANNOT be sued or held liable for ANY injuries or damages incurred from the vaccine?

- Over 99% of individuals who have had Covid have survived?

- Covid cases are down by 77% since Christmas?

- It is virtually impossible for a person under the age of 40 to die from Covid-19?

- There are some people who may want to “consider” getting the vaccine?


Do you want answers?

Give this episode a good listen. You’ll not only get answers… you’ll get the truth!

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