Episode 21:9 – Viruses: What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You

On this episode of the Get Healthy Alabama podcast we (Dr. George Burroughs and BetyLou Pierce) discuss the important role that viruses play in our lives and how we can live with them in a peaceful and healthy manner.

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Episode 21:9 - Viruses: What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You

Despite what you’ve been told, viruses are NOT bad for you.

Viruses actually provide your body with continuous “updates”… updates of genetic code that allow you to function in an ever-changing world.

Kind of like the way your smart phone needs updates to stay current.

The truth is, without these viruses and their genetic updates, we wouldn't be able to survive.

1) So, why do viruses get such a bad rap?

The main reason viruses get a bad rap is because we don’t understand them.

For example, guess how many viruses are living right now, on and in your body?

1 million?  No.

1 billion?  No.

1 trillion?  No.

Believe it or not, there are approximately 380 trillion viruses living on and inside your body right now.

380 trillion!!!

That’s a lot! In fact, it’s 10 times more than the number of bacteria in your body.

Amazingly, the overwhelming majority of these viruses peacefully co-exist with you.

Peacefully, because most viruses have found what they want: a “place to hang out.”

You see, viruses need to find places in your body to “host” them so that they can reproduce.

This desire to find a location where they can reproduce is so strong that it will cause them to explore a variety of options in your body.

2) So, why are viruses killing people?

Actually, they’re not.  (Stay with me)

As I said, the job of a virus is to bring your body “genetic updates”… and they do so by finding places to “hang out and reproduce.”

Typically, their “hang out place” is inside of bacteria.  

What they’ll do is sneak into bacteria, replicate themselves, and then burst out so that they can go “infect” more bacteria.

Again, this is what MOST viruses do.

SOME viruses, however, don't care for bacteria so they try to infect themselves into your cells.

Especially the cells of your lungs.

Your body does not like that.

In fact, it has a whole “team” standing by to prevent it from happening.

This team is called your Immune System.

And, it was designed by God to work really well... when you let it.

Unfortunately, there are times when your Immune System becomes weak and/or overworked.

At such times, it is possible for a virus to get past your Immune System and into your cells.

Your cells, of course, don’t want the virus… but the virus doesn’t care. It decides to “hang out and reproduce.”

And it does... inside of the cells of organs such as your lungs.

THIS is what makes you sick.

THIS is what causes people to die.

However, it is important to understand that the REAL problem was NOT the virus.

It was your body’s inability to suppress the virus.

Your Immune System’s inability to protect your cells from the virus.

THAT’S what made you sick.

THAT’S what causes people to die.

3) So, what can you do?

The KEY to preventing, and overcoming, the sickness and disease associated with viruses is to…

Strengthen your Immune System!!!

And, God gave us an abundance of ways to do that.

Natural ways… using resources He provided.

Here’s twelve of them… what I call the “Dynamic Dozen”

1) Sugar - avoid it

2) Sleep - get it (7-9 hours daily)

3) Stress - reduce/manage it

4) Sunlight - Vitamin D

5) Stomach - feed it real food

6) Spine - stay “aligned” 

7) Supplements - Vitamins C, D and Zinc

8) Sound - music has power

9) Sweat - exercise

10) Saturate - drink only water

11) Smile - positive attitude

12) Speak - words of faith

There’s actually four more of them that we talk about in this week’s episode.

Learn about them (they’re really powerful) along with “all things viruses”.

And, as always, share this episode with a friend. 


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