Episode 22:10 – How The American Diet Got So Bad: An Interview With Coach Sam Shelton

On this episode of the Get Healthy Alabama podcast we (Dr. George Burroughs and BetyLou Pierce) sit down with our good friend Coach Sam Shelton to discuss how the American diet got so bad.

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Episode 22:10 How The American Diet Got So Bad: An Interview With Coach Sam Shelton

The last time Coach Sam Shelton was on the Get Healthy Alabama podcast (episode 21-42) he explained how nearly EVERY chronic disease could be traced back to a “metabolic dysfunction” in the body.

He also explained how this “metabolic dysfunction” was directly related to a person’s diet, particularly sugar intake, and that there were two tests everyone should ask their doctor to perform:

1) Insulin levels
2) Uric Acid levels

We discussed Insulin Levels with Coach on that episode and said we’d have him back to talk to us about the dangers of high Uric Acid levels.

Well, now he’s back.

Except we didn’t get to talk much about high Uric Acid levels.

(We’ll bring him back next week to do that)

Instead we talked about how we, as a society, got to this point.

That is, we discuss the reason WHY Uric Acid levels have skyrocketed in recent decades… leading to an epidemic of many chronic diseases.

Other topics we discuss include:

- How our food choices are killing us… but it’s not our fault

- Why people are always hungry

- How we are overfed… yet undernourished

- The connection between fructose and Uric Acid levels

- The obesity epidemic

- Why rationing food in the 1940's resulted in LESS disease

- The disastrous Food Pyramid

- Why fructose in fruit is okay

- The “process” behind processed food


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