Episode 22:12 – Kept Out Of Reach: The REAL Tragedy Of The Past Two Years

On this episode of the Get Healthy Alabama podcast we (Dr. George Burroughs and BetyLou Pierce) discuss the REAL tragedy of the past two years.

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Episode 22:12 Withholding Effective Treatments: The REAL Tragedy Of The Past Two Years

When looking back on the events of the past two years, three questions come to mind:

1) Was the Coronavirus created in a lab and intentionally released?

2) Is the vaccine safe and effective?

3) Were effective treatments for Covid-19 withheld?

While we certainly can debate the first two points concerning the origin of the virus and the effectiveness of the vaccine, that is NOT what we focus on in this episode.

Instead, we take a look at the the third point:

Were effective treatments for Covid-19 withheld?

For this question we believe there is no argument.

In our opinion, effective treatments for Covid-19 - although available - WERE withheld.

Intentionally “kept out of reach.”

It began in 2020 when government health officials used FALSE and inappropriate data to shut down the use of the drug Hydroxychloroquine… AFTER it was being used effectively to treat Covid-19 by doctors throughout the world.

Then, in 2021, these same officials flexed their political muscles to prevent Ivermectin from being used… despite it being shown to be a “miracle drug” in numerous studies.

As a result of these effective treatments being available, but KEPT OUT OF REACH, millions of people may have died unnecessarily.

It’s sickening.

Listen to this episode to hear the TRUTH behind what has happened the past two years.

It will NOT make you happy.

It will, however, make you informed.


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