Episode 22:16 – Anedra Brown’s Secret For Losing 150lbs!!!

On this episode of the Get Healthy Alabama podcast we (Dr. George Burroughs and BetyLou Pierce) sit down with the amazing Anedra Brown as she shares her amazing health journey… a journey that has resulted in her losing over 150lbs!!!

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Episode 22:16 Anedra Brown’s Secret For Losing 150lbs!!!

Two years ago if someone told Anedra Brown that she would become a fitness instructor AND that she would use her platform to organize a fundraiser in her community she would have told them they were crazy!

You see, back then Anedra lived with chronic pain… and chronic fatigue.

Simple activities such as walking around the house hurt.

In addition, she was always exhausted… even after getting eight hours of sleep.

To make matters worse, her emotions were a mess… causing her to burst into tears for no apparent reason.

All in all, she wasn’t in a good place.

Then, something changed.

She found help in a program.

NOT a weight loss program but a “Get Healthy” program.

A program she committed to stick to (and still follows today).

A program that has helped her lose over 150lbs!

More importantly, it's a program that has helped her regain the health she thought she had lost forever.

A program built around these five simple strategies:

1) Eliminate food sensitivities

2) Take three core supplements

3) Exercise

4) Overcome emotional “blocks”

5) Educate yourself


Now, regarding Anedra’s "secret":

There is no secret!

No drugs.

No surgeries.

No pills, potions, or meal replacements.

Just a solid commitment to implementing the strategies above.

Strategies that have been proven to improve a person's health.

(Losing a bunch of weight along the way is a just a wonderful “side-effect.")

Listen to her story.

It will inspire you… and educate you!

Then share it with a friend.



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