Episode 22:2 – Natural Remedies For Treating Viral Infections

On this episode of the Get Healthy Alabama podcast we (Dr. George Burroughs and BetyLou Pierce) discuss natural remedies that you can use to help your body overcome viral infections.

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Episode 22:2 Natural Remedies For Treating Viral Infections

It seems like the Coronavirus just won’t go away as record numbers of Americans are now testing positive for it.

As a result, the demand for suggestions on what can be done naturally to overcome it has gone through the roof.

For that reason we decided to use this episode to share with you suggestions for dealing with the Coronavirus, or any virus, NATURALLY.

Specifically, we discuss three combinations of whole food supplements and herbs that can be used in the following manner:

1) Prevention
2) Early Treatment
3) Treatment



To prevent someone from getting a cold, the flu or Covid we suggest a combination called “The Immune Power Pack:”

Cataplex C - 3 per day
Cataplex D - 3 per day
Zinc Chelate - 1-2 per day
Wormwood Complex - 1 per day (on an empty stomach)



At the FIRST SIGN of a cold, we recommend the “Nip It In The Bud” combination of supplements consisting of:

Cataplex C - 3, every three hours
Congaplex - 3, every three hours
Echinacea Premium - 1, every three hours



Once a person is sick, we recommend a combination of herbs known as “The Core Four:”

Echinacea Premium - 2, every three hours
Andrographis Complex - 2, every three hours
Epimune (Mushrooms) - 2, every three hours
Wormwood Complex - 2, every three hours


In our opinion, all of these products are excellent and can be purchased directly from the manufacturer (Standard Process) via a website set up specifically for our listeners:


On this episode we also discuss how EVERYONE is going to get “punched” by a virus during this cold and flu season… why this current sickness is NOT Covid… and the difference between “pandemic” and “endemic.”

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