Episode 22:38 – Two “Miracle Cures”… That Cost Under $5 Each

On this episode of the Get Healthy Alabama podcast Dr. George Burroughs shares with BetyLou Pierce two incredible “Miracle Cures” that patients of his experienced with remedies that cost under $5 each.

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Episode 22:38 Two “Miracle Cures” That Cost Under $5 Each

Imagine having a pain in your upper back… an excruciating pain that you have been battling with every day for the past six years.

A pain that shoots from your shoulder blade area straight through to the front of your body… into your chest and arm.

A pain that places limits on how active you can be.

A pain that interferes with your sleep.

A pain that refuses to get better no matter what the doctors give you… or what they tell you to do.

Now imagine that your Chiropractor says he has a solution for you.

A solution so simple you have doubts that it will work.

Yet it does!

This simple solution melts your pain away.

You’re now feeling better.

Sleeping better.

Everything, including your personality and mood, are better.

All from a simple “remedy“ that costs less than five dollars.

On this week’s episode we share with you this story… a story of how an “under five dollars remedy“ turned a man’s life around.

In addition, we share a second “miracle cure”… this time involving a woman with daily headaches who saw her health dramatically improve after implementing a different “under five dollar remedy.“

Both of these stories will inspire you.

They will also encourage you to “think outside the box” when it comes to treating stubborn health problems.

As always, give this episode a good listen and then share it with a friend.



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