Episode 22:39 – Balancing Female Hormones

On this episode of the Get Healthy Alabama podcast we (Dr. George Burroughs and BetyLou Pierce) share what can be done NATURALLY to help women balance their hormones. 

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Episode 22:39 Balancing Female Hormones

On last week’s episode of the Get Healthy Alabama podcast we talked about two very inexpensive (under $5) remedies that provided tremendous relief for a man with excruciating pain in his upper back and a woman suffering with daily headaches.

As a result of that episode, several women have asked if there was an inexpensive remedy for hormone imbalances.

Something simple that could help them deal with their many symptoms.

The answer is…


The truth is, there is NO simple remedy that will balance a woman’s hormones.

No “magic cure.”

No “take this and everything will be alright pill.”

But there IS hope.

That is, there are things women can do nutritionally to help them balance their hormones.

Changes they can make in their diet.

Supplements they can take at the appropriate times.

On this episode we talk about these nutritional strategies.

Strategies that could go a long way towards helping women balance their hormones.

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