Episode 22:42 Breast Cancer and October: It’s Time We Moved BEYOND “Awareness”

On this episode of the Get Healthy Alabama podcast we (Dr. George Burroughs and BetyLou Pierce) talk about the month of October… Breast Cancer… and how it’s time we moved BEYOND “awareness.”

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Episode 22:42 Breast Cancer and October: It’s Time We Moved BEYOND “Awareness”

Everyone knows that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

That’s awesome!

Everyone also knows that, over the past several decades, Billions of dollars have been raised for the cause.

That’s a lot of money… and a testament to the heart of Americans.

People will give to a worthy cause.

And Breast Cancer Awareness is certainly a worthy cause… right?

Not exactly.

Not if you are expecting RESULTS.

Let me explain:

Raising awareness of breast cancer is great.

However, you would think that after raising hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars there would be measurable improvements when it comes to the prevention and treatment of breast cancer.

There’s not.

For example, according to the CDC 41,144 women died in the Untied States from breast cancer in 1999.

Twenty years (and Billions of dollars raised) later guess how many women died from breast cancer?


It’s true… MORE women died of breast cancer in 2019 than in 1999.

How can that be?

How can a campaign such as “Breast Cancer Awareness Month” help raise over one hundred Billion dollars, and the number of deaths from breast cancer INCREASE from 1999 to 2019?

It doesn’t make sense.

But that’s not all.

During this same twenty year period, the number of NEW cases of breast cancer also went UP!

Here’s the data from the CDC:

In 1999 there were 198,591 new cases of breast cancer.

In 2019 that number had jumped to 264,121.

That’s an increase of over 65,000 new cases.

That’s not good!

Something clearly isn’t working.

Which brings us to this week’s episode.

On this episode we discuss how, after raising hundreds of Billions of dollars we should expect MORE than simple “awareness” of Breast Cancer.

That is, women should be getting more from their doctors and the American Cancer Society.

More comprehensive advice… advice beyond “get a mammogram.”

More conversations regarding how to PREVENT breast cancer... conversations that include strategies, tactics and programs shown to reduce the chances of getting breast cancer cases and/or dying from it..

More information demonstrating what can be done to enhance treatment once a woman gets breast cancer.

More information explaining how to prevent a previous cancer from coming back.

Here's the bottom line:

It’s time to move BEYOND breast cancer awareness.

It’s time for answers.

Time for results.

We get the ball rolling on this episode.

Give it a good listen and then share it with a friend.



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