Episode 22:8 – Why I Became A Chiropractor: An Interview With Dr. George Burroughs

On this episode of the Get Healthy Alabama podcast BetyLou Pierce interviews Dr. George Burroughs about the events in his life that inspired him to become a Chiropractor. 

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Episode 22:8 Why I Became A Chiropractor - An Interview With Dr. George Burroughs

On last week’s episode Dr. George Burroughs asked co-host BetyLou Pierce to share her Principles For Healthy Living.

On this week’s episode the roles are reversed as BetyLou questions him regarding the events in his life that inspired him to become a Chiropractor.

Here’s some of what he covers:

- The power of growing up in a great neighborhood

- How I “almost” know Dr. Oz 🙂

- Why I've never drank alcohol (or coffee)

- Asking God a question

- God's amazing answer

- The best advice I received in college

- My “Economics Class Epiphany”

- Why my mentor didn’t support me

- Why my local priest DID support me

- The miracle at the Registrar’s office

- Chiropractic philosophy for the win

- How I ended up in Sweet Home Alabama

Give this episode a good listen as you will hopefully learn something of value 🙂


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John Levi Thomas - February 23, 2022

I really enjoy the podcasts and ALL the material discussed. Keep up the good ,positive work ! Yall are making a difference

    gburroughs@mac.com - March 1, 2022

    Thank you my friend!


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