Episode 23:33 More People Are Dying Young. Why???

On this episode of the Get Healthy Alabama podcast we (Dr. George Burroughs and BetyLou Pierce) talk about a problem facing America… a problem that no one in a position of authority seems to be concerned about.

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Episode 23:33 More People Are Dying Young. Why???

Last week a 16 year old girl (Callie Marie Mitchell) from Texas died after suffering cardiac arrest at cheerleading camp.

The very next day a 17 year old High School basketball star from Alabama (Caleb White) also died from cardiac arrest while playing basketball.

Hearts suddenly stopping for no apparent reason… in HEALTHY teenagers.


Unfortunately, these are NOT isolated cases.

For example, just a few weeks ago Lebron James’ 19 year old son Bronny also suffered cardiac arrest while playing basketball at his college (University of Southern California).

But that’s not all.

According to the research group Our World in Data more Americans died than expected in the past year (May 1, 2022 - April 30, 2023).

Specifically, more than 104,000 deaths occurred than expected.

Deaths that were NOT RELATED to Covid-19.

Similar research from Life Insurance companies and actuary groups confirm the unexpected increase in deaths, post Covid-19… especially in ages 18 - 64.

The big question now becomes “WHY?”

WHY are more people dying… and why are they dying at younger ages?

No one in a position of authority seems to know the answer.

Heck, no one in a position of authority wants to even ask the question.

No government officials.

No health authorities.

No members of the main stream media.

No medical doctors or medical associations.

On this episode WE not only address this question… we provide answers.

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