Episode 23:36 California Here I Come – Catching Up With Brandan Burroughs

On this episode of the Get Healthy Alabama podcast we (Dr. George Burroughs and BetyLou Pierce) sit down with Brandan Burroughs to discuss how he has handled Type 1 Diabetes and his upcoming move to San Diego.

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Episode 23:36 California Here I Come - Catching Up With Brandan Burroughs

Earlier this year, on Episode 23-17, we had Brandan Burroughs on the podcast.

He had just moved back to Alabama after becoming very sick while living in California.

Turns out he had Type 1 Diabetes and on that episode he shared with us his opinion on WHY he developed diabetes and HOW he was coping with it.

It was a really good episode.

Now, five months later, we have Brandan on again for another episode.

The reason is simple:

When he first moved back to Alabama he assumed it would take three years before he felt good enough to return to California.

He was wrong.

The truth is, in the past few months he has done so well managing his diabetes that he has accepted a job and is moving back to San Diego... this week!

However, before he goes, he agreed to share with us some insights on what he has done to manage his Type 1 Diabetes so successfully.

His story is inspiring and the information he shares provides an excellent resource for anyone looking to control their blood sugar… or simply improve their health.

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Ron - September 8, 2023

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