Episode 23:51 Viruses and Bacteria: What You Need To Know And WHY You Need To Know It

On this episode of the Get Healthy Alabama podcast we (Dr. George Burroughs and BetyLou Pierce) talk about what you need to know… and WHY you need to know it… when it comes to viruses and bacteria.

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Episode 23:51 Viruses and Bacteria: What You Need To Know And WHY You Need To Know It

What’s the difference between viruses and bacteria?

There are several answers.

One is that bacteria are “living” organisms.

Viruses are not.

Another is that bacteria reproduce… viruses do not.

They replicate.

And because viruses replicate, they need a “host”… an entity they can attach to and use as a “copy machine.”


WE are that copy machine!

WE are the “host” that viruses use to replicate themselves.

On this episode we talk about these and other differences between viruses and bacteria.

Specifically, we discuss what these differences mean when it comes to your health and...

What they mean when it comes to preventing and treating infections.

The information we share is both fascinating and informative.

Give this episode a good listen and then share it with a friend.



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