Episode 24:17 Breakfast: What To Eat, When To Eat… Should You Eat?

On this episode of the Get Healthy Alabama podcast I talk about breakfast: What to eat, when to eat… and SHOULD you eat it?

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Episode 24:17 Breakfast: What To Eat, When To Eat… Should You Eat?

On last week’s episode we talked about the importance of having a healthy morning routine.

Specifically, we talked about a morning routine centered around






On this week’s episode we add a very important factor:


Specifically, we address three very important questions regarding breakfast:

1) What to eat?

2) When to eat?

3) Should you eat (breakfast)?

Answering these questions in the best way possible for YOUR body will go a long way towards improving your health.

As will listening to the episode… and sharing it with a friend.



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