Episode 24:22 The Reason Why You Should Change Your Eating And Sleeping Habits

On this episode of the Get Healthy Alabama podcast I tell you why you change your eating and sleeping habits during the summer. 

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Episode 24:22 The Reason Why You Should Change Your Eating And Sleeping Habits

As you already know, summer is much different than winter.

Specifically, the days are longer.

In fact, here in Alabama we are currently getting four more hours of sunlight each day than we will six months from now.

In northern states like New York the difference is even more significant… currently 6 more hours of sunlight than in six months!

These longer days of summer should give rise to different health habits.

Habits that take advantage of the longer days.

For example, what you eat and how long you sleep should be different in the summer than in the winter.

On this week’s episode I talk about how to adjust your eating and sleeping habits this summer in a way that will optimize your health.

I also explain how living “with” nature, no matter the season, is always a smart move.

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