Episode 24:24 The Amazing Benefits Of God’s Favorite Vitamin

On this episode of the Get Healthy Alabama podcast I discuss the amazing benefits associated with God’s Favorite vitamin.

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Episode 24:24 The Amazing Benefits Of God’s Favorite Vitamin

Of all the vitamins, there is only ONE that your body doesn’t have to get from food:

Vitamin D.

It’s true.. your body can make Vitamin D simply from you spending time outside while the sun is shining.

That’s a huge blessing for two reasons:

1) Vitamin D is involved in many body functions.

2) Sun exposure is free!

Unfortunately, a large segment of the medical profession is trying to persuade you to AVOID the sun.

Don’t listen to them!

Avoiding the sun and/or using sunscreen products to block its rays can be detrimental to your health.

On this episode I explain why.

Specifically, I explain the health benefits associated with sun exposure… benefits that will be lost if you avoid the sun or use sunscreen products.

In addition, I address concerns you may have regarding sun exposure and skin cancer.

Legitimate concerns for which I provide legitimate answers.

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