Episode 24:25 Confused About Which Supplements To Take? Listen To This Episode!

On this episode of the Get Healthy Alabama podcast I teach you how to overcome the confusion regarding which nutritional supplements you should be taking.

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Episode 24:25 Confused About Which Supplements To Take? Listen To This Episode!

When it comes to taking care of one’s health, there seems to be two types of people:

1) Those who don’t take any nutritional supplements.

2) Those who take too many nutritional supplements.

Neither extreme is optimal.

For example, those who don’t take any supplements are most likely missing out on some vital nutrients… while those who take a bunch of supplements are probably doing their body some harm.

In both cases individuals are confused with regard to which supplements they should take.

That is, some people get so confused when it comes to supplements that they simply give up and take nothing.

Others find themselves buying everything they ever see advertised or promoted.

On this episode I clear up the confusion.

I do that by sharing with you a common sense way of knowing which supplements you should take and why.

I also tell you which ones you shouldn’t take and why.

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