Episode 24:5 The BEST Way To Pray – Part Two

On this episode of the Get Healthy Alabama podcast we continue our discussion regarding the BEST way to pray when you’re seeking to be healed.

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Episode 24:5 The BEST Way To Pray - Part Two

On last week’s episode we talked about how to use prayer AS a treatment.

The topic created quite a stir as people aren’t used to using prayer AS a treatment.

Instead, they are only accustomed to using pray FOR another form of treatment.

For example, people are only familiar with praying…

1) For God to heal them.

2) For God to give the doctor wisdom.

3) For a specific treatment to work.

Certainly praying for any of those things is good but using prayer AS a treatment is, in our opinion, even better.

And on last week’s episode we taught you how… how to use prayer AS a treatment.

On THIS week’s episode we discuss some of the feedback we received from last week’s episode including some compliments AND some complaints.

We also share a specific example of HOW to use prayer as a treatment... along with a very interesting explanation of why - believe it or not - it may not be a good idea to ask God to heal you.

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