Episode 24:8 The ONE Cause Of Most Health Problems

On this episode of the Get Healthy Alabama podcast I share what I believe is the underlying cause of most health problems.

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Episode 24:8 The ONE Cause Of Most Health Problems

A man goes to the doctor complaining that he feels lousy.

Specifically, he’s been experiencing a lot of brain fog, fatigue, stomach problems and insomnia.

His doctor runs some tests and tells the man that he has Type 2 Diabetes and needs to start taking a drug.

The man complies.

A few months later the man returns to the doctor because he is still feeling lousy.

The doctor refers him to a Cardiologist because both his blood pressure and cholesterol levels are now high.

The Cardiologist prescribes one drug for the high blood pressure and another for the high cholesterol.

Unfortunately, a few more months go by and the man still doesn’t feel better.

In fact, he’s actually feeling worse.

His back and left leg hurt, his insomnia is out of control, depression is sinking in, and he’s experiencing erectile dysfunction.

The doctor responds by suggesting more drugs.

This time the man doesn’t comply.

He’s sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Sick and tired of being prescribed one drug after another.

He wants answers.

Specifically, he wants AN answer.

An explanation regarding the underlying CAUSE of his many ailments.

A common denominator.

On this episode we give him his answer.

The ONE cause behind most, if not all, of his health problems.

A cause that everyone should be made aware of.

A cause we discuss in depth on this episode.

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