Episode 11 – Understanding Addiction with Ann Marie Powell – Part 2

On this episode we (Dr. George Burroughs and BetyLou Pierce) continue our discussion with Addiction expert Ann Marie Powell of Bradford Health Services.  Specifically she shares with us some of the causes and contributing factors that can lead to addiction.

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​Episode 11 - Understanding Addiction with Ann Marie Powell - Part 2

In Part 1 (episode 10) addiction expert Ann Marie Powell shared with us what addiction is and how most families are impacted.

We learned that addiction is NOT a moral failing but a disease, and that people battling an addiction should be treated as such.

In this episode, Part II, Ann Marie discusses factors that may cause and contribute to the development of addictive behavior.

She starts by talking about how, for many people there is a genetic predisposition involved.

She then explains how head/brain injuries can play a role by disrupting brain neurotransmitters.

She concludes by diving deep into the connection between emotional trauma and addiction.

This connection to emotional trauma highlights the importance of education and of equipping people with coping skills.

These two strategies must be put into place if we ever hope to PREVENT addictive behavior.

This episode is truly a “must listen”.

Hope you enjoy it… and share it with a friend.


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