Episode 6 – The Missing Link For Pain Relief?

If you, or someone you know, suffers with pain you’ll want to listen to this episode of the Get Healthy Alabama podcast.

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Episode 6 - The Missing Link For Pain Relief?

Visit a medical doctor when you are experiencing pain and you’ll most likely receive a prescription for a pain killer, muscle relaxer and/or an anti-inflammatory.

Although these drugs may provide some relief, they won’t, unfortunately, address the underlying cause of the pain.

Visit a Chiropractor when you are experiencing pain and he/she may help you… IF the pain is being caused by a misalignment to one or more of the bones in the body.

However, what if the pain persists?

That is, what do you do if medications, visits to the Chiropractor, and sessions with a Physical Therapist don’t resolve your problem?

The answer:

Consider seeing a “soft-tissue” specialist!

On this episode of the Get Healthy Alabama podcast, Betylou Pierce and Dr. George Burroughs sit down with the very gifted and talented soft-tissue specialist Chase Moye.  

Although educated to be a licensed Massage Therapist, Chase has received hundreds of hours of additional training in specific soft tissue techniques.  This has allowed him to develop an expertise in the care of soft-tissue dysfunction.

Topics discussed on this episode:

-  the pain that led Chase to a soft-tissue specialist

  • the difference between soft-tissue and hard-tissue
  • the importance of fascia in pain relief
  • the 3-step protocol for treating people in pain
  • what to look for in a soft-tissue specialist

To contact soft-tissue specialist Chase Moye, call (251) 300-8276 or visit his website at www.HealthFixAL.com

Photo by Jesper Aggergaard on Unsplash

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