Episode 3 – Overcoming Anxiety: A Holistic Approach

On this episode we - nutritionist BetyLou Pierce and chiropractor Dr. George Burroughs - take a look at a holistic approach for overcoming anxiety.

Last week, on Episode #2, we talked about the 3 causes of all disease.

On this week’s episode we apply these 3 factors to help you overcome anxiety. 

As many people know, anxiety can be debilitating. From panic attacks to social anxiety, when it “hits you” the result can be terrifying.

We want to provide you with help… in three ways:

First, we discuss Physical tools such as deep breathing.  BetyLou takes you through a simple, yet powerful breathing exercise that will help you eliminate toxins and oxygenate your blood stream… both of which can help overcome anxiety.

Then, we introduce several Nutritional tips. Specific supplements and dietary recommendations are suggested.

Finally, we share talk about some powerful Emotional issues that we believe are not only tied into anxiety, but many other diseases as well.

As always, all information on this episode is for educational purposes only and is NOT meant to diagnose or treat anxiety or any other condition.  Consult your health care practitioner before making any changes.

*** To learn more about the Physical, Nutritional, and Emotional factors of health, download a free copy of our ebook: <strong>3 Causes Of All Disease?</strong> at http://www.GetHealthyAlabama.com 

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