Episode 5 – The Coronavirus: What Your Really Need To Know

On this episode we - nutritionist BetyLou Pierce and chiropractor Dr. George Burroughs - take a look at the Coronavirus and what you REALLY need to know.

Episode 5 - The Coronavirus: What You Really Need To Know

Did you know that the Coronavirus is actually the name of a family of viruses and that 20% of “common colds” are from Coronaviruses?

It’s true.

However, what makes this particular Coronavirus - “COVID-19” - a cause for concern is that, unlike other Coronaviruses, it is not spread from animals to humans… it is spread from human to human and no one has an immunity to it.

So what can you do?

Two things.

First, take precautions to avoid the Coronavirus.

Second, do things to strengthen your Immune System.

A lot of attention has, thankfully, been given to avoiding the Coronavirus. Unfortunately, not as much to strengthening the Immune System.

We want to correct that. We start by addressing WHY strengthening the Immune System is important.

Think of it this way: if you punch a bodybuilder in the shoulder, he brushes it off. If you punch a feeble older man, he crumbles.

Likewise, if a person with a strong Immune System is exposed (punched) to a virus, he/she brushes it off. If a person with a weak Immune System is exposed to a virus, he/she may get very sick.

Here’s the bottom line: the key to minimizing the impact of ANY virus is to strengthen your Immune System.

The majority of this episode focuses on this important task:

How to strengthen the Immune System - The Seven S’s

1) Sugar - why you should avoid it
2) Sleep - how much you need for optimal Immune function
3) Sunlight - Vitamin D boosts Immunity
4) Stress - what to do to manage it
5) Stomach - the incredible relationship it has with the Immune System
6) Spine - how staying “aligned” keeps you healthy
7) Supplements - which ones you should take

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