Episode 22 – Five Tips For Dramatically Improving Your Health

Feeling “stuck” in your health? On this episode of the Get Healthy Alabama podcast we (Dr. George Burroughs and BetyLou Pierce) share with you 5 tips that may help you dramatically improve your health

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Episode 22 - Five Tips For Dramatically Improving Your Health

Are either one of these you?

You exercise. You eat right.  You take supplements.

Yet still, you’re not achieving the level of health you’ve hoped for.

Or… you want to improve your health.  

The problem is, you don’t know where to start.

Either way, episode 22 of the Get Healthy Alabama podcast is for you!

On this episode, you're going to learn five things that, if implemented, may dramatically improve your health.

Five things you most likely WON’T hear about from your doctor.

Five “all-natural” tools you can start using right now.

Best of all… they’re free!

Specifically, you'll discover:

  • Why most diet and exercise programs FAIL... and what to do about it
  • Something more POWERFUL than any supplement
  • The right way to “connect” with THE source of all healing
  • How MORE health can come from less of this... and that
  • The ONE decision that instantly helps others AND yourself 

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