Episode 31 – The Doctor of the Future

On this episode of the Get Healthy Alabama podcast we (Dr. George Burroughs and BetyLou Pierce) explore the future of health care and the changes we expect to see. Changes that will include a greater emphasis on holistic and wellness models along with doctors who will “look” totally different than the typical doctor practicing today.

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Episode 31 - The Doctor of The Future

The doctor of the future isn’t going to look like the doctor of today.

I'm not talking about their appearance. I'm talking about how they "look" at your symptoms.

How they "look" at you.

In fact, the doctor of the future may not even be a “doctor”… but that’s a topic for another time.

For now, just know that there is a shift going on in this country. A subtle, yet powerful change in how leading-edge doctors are practicing their craft...

...AND how people are raising their expectations when it comes to their health and health care.

People are no longer satisfied with receiving a prescription drug for their complaints. They want more than “a pill for their ill.” They want to know what is CAUSING their problems.

The also want to know what they can do, using “natural” means, to CORRECT the cause.

This is a far departure from how doctors practice medicine today.

Today’s model works on an outdated premise that goes like this:

Your doctor listens to you explain your SYMPTOMS. Based on your symptoms, your doctor then run tests to come up with a DIAGNOSIS. Your diagnosis then determines your TREATMENT… most likely drugs or surgery.


The problem with this model is that it does NOTHING to address the CAUSE of your symptoms. Nothing to CORRECT the actual problem.

Fortunately, this is changing. Slowly but surely medical doctors throughout the country are turning their backs on this model and embracing a new model.

A “holistic” model based on wellness, not disease.

A model that BetyLou and I have been following for years.

A model whose time has come. 

A model that works like this:

Your doctor listens to you explain your SYMPTOMS. He/she then run tests to identify the CAUSE of your symptoms. The cause is then addressed and CORRECTED through the use of natural remedies.


If you compare the "old" model with the "new" model, you'll see that how 
the doctor of the future LOOKS at a person's symptoms is different. 

That is, for the doctor of the future symptoms are used to help identify and correct their CAUSE. 

This new approach moves the emphasis away from treating symptoms and shifts it towards treating the PATIENT and the underlying CAUSE of their symptoms.


All of this is discussed on this week's episode of the Get Healthy Alabama podcast.

In addition to exploring WHAT the doctor of the future will look like, we also explain WHY this change is happening now and HOW you can get involved.

You don’t want to miss this episode if you have any interest in living a healthy life today… and for many years to come.

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