Episode 33 – The Key To Correcting Hormonal Imbalances

On this episode of the Get Healthy Alabama podcast we (Dr. George Burroughs and BetyLou Pierce) begin a series centered around identifying and correcting Hormonal Imbalances naturally… without the use of drugs or surgery

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Episode 33 - The Key To Correcting Hormonal Imbalances

Ask a woman if she’s ever suffered with a hormone-related problem and she’ll probably say “Yes” as PMS, endometriosis, infertility, PCOS, hot flashes, weight gain, and Hashimoto’s are just SOME of the problems she may have encountered.

Men are just as likely to suffer with hormone-related problems although their symptoms - erectile dysfunction, infertility, low-energy, low sex drive, mood swings, depression, anxiety, headaches and loss of strength - are not as easily noticed.

Either way, there are an abundance of health issues in this country resulting from hormonal imbalances.

On this episode - the first in a series of episodes on the Hormonal System - we take a look at these imbalances and begin to discuss what can be done to prevent and overcome them.

We begin by explaining how the current medical approach for addressing hormone-related problems is often focused on the wrong issues.

This leads to misguided treatment programs which are oftentimes ineffective AND can eventually result in the development of life-threatening diseases.

So, what should you do?

We share with you the question that SHOULD be asked whenever you are dealing with a hormone-related problem. A question most medical doctors never think of.

We then go on to give you a brief overview of the “members” of the hormone system.

Specifically, we discuss the two major hormone-related organs and glands in the brain along with the four major glands in the body.

Understanding the basic functions of each of these glands will provide you with a tremendous advantage in your quest to restore hormonal balance - and better health - to your body.

Give this episode a good listen. Take notes if necessary… and share it with your family and friends.

In fact, teach what you learn to your kids as this is the type of information EVERYONE should be taught at a young age.

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* This podcast is for informational and educational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease. Please consult with your health care provider before making any health-related changes.


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