Episode 38 – Ten Tips For Managing Stress

On this episode of the Get Healthy Alabama podcast we (Dr. George Burroughs and BetyLou Pierce) talk about ten powerful tips you can incorporate into your life to help manage and overcome stress.

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Episode 38 - Ten Tips For Managing Stress

Chronic stress is considered to be the number one cause of sickness and disease in this country.

Let me be say that again…

STRESS is the top factor in the development of sickness and disease.

For that reason alone, we should all be taught ways to REDUCE the amount of stress in our lives.

Ways such as "Forgiveness" and "Purpose" (see Episodes 36 and 37).

However, we need to do more than just reduce stress.

We need to know how to MANAGE it. 

And THAT is the topic of this episode.

Specifically, we share 10 strategies that anyone can incorporate into their life to help minimize the negative effects of stress.

Strategies that are proven to be effective.

What are they?

Typically I’d make you have to listen to the episode to get the answer.

However, managing stress is so important that I’m going to share them with you here:

1) Exercise
2) Sleep
3) Breathing
4) Sunshine
5) Gratitude
6) Forgiveness
7) Prayer
8) Visualization
9) Diet
10) Supplements

Needless to say, you should still listen to the episode as HEARING about these strategies will help reinforce what you have just read… increasing the likelihood that you’ll act upon them.

Here's the bottom line:

Stress doesn't have to destroy your health.

Don't let it.

Fight back by listening to this episode and incorporating as many of the strategies as you can 🙂


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* This podcast is for informational and educational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease. Please consult with your health care provider before making any health-related changes.


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Linda Trotter - October 30, 2020

These podcasts has really been a GODSEND. I don’t have a Primary doctor, so I’m relying on your educational podcasts and my willingness to make the necessary changes to my life, with GOD’s help. Where do you purchase the supplements, or fo you have to fo and office visit? I really don’t know how to pick vitamins, I go into Walmart and whatever looks like it works, that’s what I buy, but I’m not feeling a difference in my body. Since I started listening to your podcasts, I have been “trying” to work on healthy menu’s for eating healthier. All this is baby steps for me but I’m looking forward to implementing the 10 strategies from episode 38. I have even started practicing my breathing from the bottom of my lungs instead of from the chest all the time. On Episodes 38, you two lost me after DHEA, the last one endopreg, I can’t even spell it, where do you purchase those, or how do you go about purchasing them? You two stay bless and please continue to keep these episodes going, they are a lifesaver.

    gburroughs@mac.com - October 30, 2020

    Good news Linda! After working with my favorite nutritional company, Standard Process, they are FINALLY allowing me to set up a website where people can purchase their awesome supplements. I’ll be announcing it as soon as it’s ready.


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