Episode 39 – Better Than Any Supplement?

On this episode of the Get Healthy Alabama podcast we (Dr. George Burroughs and BetyLou Pierce) talk about the incredible - yet underappreciated - health benefits of deep breathing.

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Episode 39 - Better Than Any Supplement?

Everybody likes a good supplement… one that will actually help them improve their health.

Make that same supplement “natural”… and without side-effects… and its appeal will be even greater.

Throw in a very low cost (how about FREE?) and the demand for this supplement should go through the roof.

Well, guess what?

There IS such a supplement… but it doesn’t come in pill form.

Nor does it cost anything.

Yet, it IS amazingly effective.

It’s called DEEP BREATHING 🙂

Taking twenty deep breaths every day will do wonders for your health.


The most important thing it will do is help your body reduce the effects of stress.

Let me say that again:

Deep breathing will help your body reduce the effects of stress.

Why is that important?

If you’re a follower of this podcast you already know why:

Because chronic stress is THE number one cause of sickness and disease.

Actually, let me say that a little bit differently as it’s NOT the stress that causes sickness and disease…

It’s that our bodies stay stuck in “The Stress Response.”

A response that expects us to engage in some type of physical action - such as “fight or flight” - whenever we are stressed.

However, since most of the stress we deal with today is NOT from physical "threats", but emotional ones, our bodies DON'T engage in some type of physical action.

We then stay “stuck” in Stress Response mode.

This causes a ton of health problems… problems that could be avoided if we knew how to prevent the body from being stuck in this Stress Response mode.

Good news!

On this episode, we’re going to teach you how.

That is, we’re going to take a “short, sweet and to the point” approach to how Deep Breathing can help you avoid sickness and disease by relieving the body of The Stress Response.

Give this episode a good listen… and then talk to your doctor about incorporating a Deep Breathing program into your life.

You’ll be glad that you did 🙂


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