Episode 41 – Help! I’ve Tested Positive For The Coronavirus

On this episode of the Get Healthy Alabama podcast we (Dr. George Burroughs and BetyLou Pierce) discuss the nutritional supplements we recommend for anyone who tests positive for the flu or Coronavirus

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Episode 40 - Help! I've Tested Positive For The Coronavirus

There are plenty of supplements that help strengthen the Immune System.

Some, like the ones discussed on last week’s episode (# 40) are excellent at helping your Immune System PREVENT disease.

But what about those individuals who find out they HAVE the flu or Coronavirus…

What supplements should they take?

That’s a great question and, on this episode, we’re going to provide you with great answers.

Answers you won’t hear anywhere else.

In particular, we discuss one herb that EVERYONE should have in their home… ready to take as soon as needed.

An herb that we believe provides tremendous help for anyone who HAS a virus… especially one that is impacting the respiratory system.

We also discuss several other supplements that we have used for ourselves, and for others, to help our Immune Systems defeat any unwanted “bugs.”

Give this episode a good listen and then stock up NOW on any supplements you feel would be helpful if you, or a loved one, tested positive for the Coronavirus or flu.

*** You can order the supplements mentioned on this episode by going to Atlas.StandardProcess.com


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