Episode 44 – Is The Covid-19 Vaccine Safe?

On this episode of the Get Healthy Alabama podcast we (Dr. George Burroughs and BetyLou Pierce) dive into the number one question people have regarding the Coronavirus: Is it safe?

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Episode 44 - Is The Covid-19 Vaccine Safe?

People tend to have two questions regarding the Covid-19 vaccine:

1) Is it effective?

2) Is it safe?

On last week’s episode (#43) we discussed the effectiveness of the vaccine.

Specifically, we shared how, during the Covid-19 vaccine trial conducted by the manufacturer, Pfizer, it was discovered that…

Although the Vaccine was shown to be 95% effective… the risk of getting the Coronavirus was extremely low in both the Vaccine group (99.9% did not get it) AND in the Non-Vaccine group (99.3% did not get it).

As a result, the question most people want answered becomes:

Is it worth receiving a Vaccine to improve your risk of not getting the Coronavirus from 99.3% to 99.9%?

The answer is…

Who knows???

All anyone can do is try to make the best decision they can based upon the information they have.

And that is what this episode is about… providing information.

Specifically, we discuss…

- The TRUE effectiveness of the Vaccine

- The lack of study regarding its long term side effects

- Why the Vaccine demonstrated NO benefit regarding preventing death (NONE!)

- Why the Vaccine demonstrated NO benefit for those age 85 and older... despite the fact that they are the group that has been hardest hit by the Coronavirus

- The complete removal of liability for the Vaccine manufacturer

- The incredible “high maintenance” involved with caring for the Vaccine

- The amount of taxpayers money already given to Vaccine manufacturers

And, perhaps most important… because of the potential severity combined with the lack of media attention:

- The potential for “Antibody Enhanced Disease” and…

- The Vaccine’s inability to prevent the Coronavirus from being spread.

This last one is huge as it will significantly diminish the Vaccine’s value as it can prevent the attainment of “herd immunity.”


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Sean Fitzpatrick - December 11, 2020

Great job George! Super helpful and important info: hope everyone hears this.

Your longtime partner in crime from NYC,

Sean Fitzpatrick

    gburroughs@mac.com - December 12, 2020

    Thanks Sean! Hope all is well my friend.


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