Episode 47 – Rebounding From Depression: Suggestions For A Friend

On this episode of the Get Healthy Alabama podcast we (Dr. George Burroughs and BetyLou Pierce) discuss the exact advice we would give to a friend who was trying to transform their life from depressed and unhealthy... to happy and healthy

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Episode 47 - Rebounding From Depression: Suggestions For A Friend
"Sometimes the difference between being depressed and being suicidal is simply hearing from people who care."

A friend recently posted that on Facebook.

He's been through a lot the past few years and it's taken its toll.

Fortunately, he has people in his life who care deeply for him... family and friends who are helping carry him through the tough times.

I'm proud that he counts me as one of those friends.

However, to be honest, all I've done is provide the occasional "words of encouragement" and, while I know they are important, I keep asking myself, "what more can I do?"

The answer is actually quite simple:

I need to help my friend the best "I" can.

That is, I need to offer to help him improve his OVERALL health because I know how to do that. Plus, I firmly believe it would do wonders for him both physically AND mentally.

So, on this episode that's exactly what I do. 

With the help of BetyLou Pierce, I share the three things I would suggest to my friend to boost his overall health.

Something Physical, something Nutritional, and something Emotional.

"Natural" suggestions that I feel would help bring him, or ANYONE who applies them, to a better place with regard to his physical AND mental health.

Give this episode a good listen and share it with a friend who may need to hear it.


NOTE - As you listen to this episode, please remember that these recommendations are specific to this one individual. They are NOT a prescription for overcoming depression or any health condition. Please consult your health care provider for all medical care. Also, if you experience depression and/or suicidal thoughts, seek out a mental health care provider immediately.


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