Episode 21 – The Healthy Gut Protocol: Part 2 – “Supplements”

On this episode of the Get Healthy Alabama podcast we (Dr. George Burroughs and BetyLou Pierce) continue our discussion regarding “The Healthy Gut Protocol”. Specifically, we suggest the exact supplements you may need to get your digestive system healthy and strong.

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Episode 21 - The Healthy Gut Protocol: Part 2- Supplements

Everyone wants to know which supplements they should take to restore the health of their digestive system.

This episode provides the answers.

We start by discussing the specific diet we believe will help restore your gut’s health… along with the 3 core supplements you should consider taking EVERY day.

We then describe a 10 Day Gut Reset Protocol that is intended to act as a “framework” you can be used with the guidance of a health care professional. (It is NOT intended to to be used as a treatment or program without such guidance.)

There are three phases in this protocol process, each involving specific supplements:


Phase 1: Digestion

In this phase the emphasis is on digestion… breaking down your foods into usable parts.

Supplements: digestive enzyme (Zypan, AF Betafood, and/or Diaplex) and natural laxative (Colax)

Phase 2: Elimination

In this phase the emphasis is on eliminating parasites and other unhealthy bugs from your digestive system.

Supplements: Parasite Cleansing Herbs (Wormwood and Zymex 2)

Phase 3: Restoration

In this phase the emphasis is on restoring the good bugs into your digestive system.

Supplements: Prebiotic (GI Stability) and Probiotic (Lact-Enz)


By the end of this episode you should have clarity on the direction you want to go with regard to gut health.

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